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JWS-10 Wet Sharpener w Accessories

by JET
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$429.99 - $429.99
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  • Aluminum oxide grinding wheel is 10 inches in diameter and a 2-inch surface for increased capacity
  • Built-in drawer offers convenient jig storage
  • Compliments our market leading Jet Lathes
  • Deep well trough reduces splash while keeping the stone cool.
  • Enclosed motor housing keeps debris and water from entering the machine
  • Includes: A 220 grit 10 inch aluminum oxide grinding wheel, leather strop wheel, support arm, stone grader, straight edge jig, leather honing compound, angle measuring device and chisel angle jig.
  • Leather strop removes burrs and leaves tools refined to a polished razor edge.
  • Perfect for wood turning chisels, knives and hand carving tools.
  • Variable speed (90-150 RPM) allows for precise applications.
  • Water cooled stone grinding wheel prevents tools from overheating.
SKU JT9-727100

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