Safety Speed ES5210M Panel Saw

  • $19,949.00

The ES5210M is the only panel saw in our lineup that features a carriage that traverses the full length of the machine frame. The traveling beam allows the operator to leave the panel stationary while the blade moves both horizontally and vertically. Accompanied with a high powered 7 Hp, 3~ induction motor with a cutting accuracy of .005” this machine will execute cuts on full-sized sheets up to 61” wide and 130” long.

Standard Equipment

  • 7 Hp, (S6 = 40%), 3 phase, 220V saw motor.
  • Panel mover.
  • 131/2 ft. frame.
  • Built-in gauges with length stop.
  • Dust collection ready. Vacuum not included.
  • Stops for horizontal cuts.
  • Self-moving panel supports.
  • Quick change from vertical to horizontal cutting.
  • MID-WAY FENCE™ System.
  • Repetitive horizontal cutting ability. (reiteration stop)
  • 3 year warranty.


Max. Crosscut 61"/1550mm
Max. Rip Cut 130"/3300mm
Max. Cut Thickness 2 1/4"/60mm
Cut Accuracy, Straight and Square .005"/.13mm
Saw Blade Diameter 10"/250mm
Scoring Blade 2 3/4"/70mm
Motor 3~230V, 8.6 amp
Frame Length 169"/4300mm
Arbor Size 30mm
Shipping Weight 1135 lbs/515 kg
Product shipping information
Weight 1135 lbs
Dimensions 169 x 97 x 47 in

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