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Revolution Miter Gauge

by SawStop
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Get unmatched precision and accuracy with the spin of a dial. Intuitive, tool-free adjustments provide fine-tuning that is exact, reliable, and repeatable.

  • The miter angle dial has preset increments of 1°, 1/2°, 1/4°, or 1/10° with tactile feedback so you can feel your desired angle click into place, making angle adjustments reliably accurate - quick and easy.
  • Common miter angles 0°, 22-1/2°, 30°, and 45° are noted and easy to set quickly.
  • Sliding wedge system for fence attachments and repeatable stops. The reversible, telescoping fence works with the miter gauge in either the left or right miter slots with equal accuracy and ease of use.
  • Make repeatable cuts up to 37-1/2" in length using the tool-free articulating flip stop - with or without a sacrificial fence. A micro-adjuster lets you fine-tune a crosscut length without repositioning the flip stop. The flip stop includes mounting holes for adding jigs or locking into the wedge system.
  • Heavy-duty construction including a steel miter plate manufactured with machine tolerances of <.001” for exceptional precision.
  • A washer at the front end of the miter bar fits into 3/8” x 3/4” T-shaped miter slots to keep the miter gauge level when the head is pulled off the table for wide crosscuts. This washer can also be removed for use in non-T-shaped miter slots.
  • The miter bar has three adjustable pucks to eliminate side-to-side wiggle in the miter slot.

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