Altendorf WA8 - Sliding Table Saws


If you’re looking for a machine which is robust, ready for the anything and easy to operate, you’re right on target with the Altendorf WA 8. Whether you’re squaring panels or cutting complex angles and mitres, the Altendorf WA 8 is the right companion for you. Manufactured to Altendorf’s rigorous technological standards, the WA 8 entices with its solid build quality and ergonomic flexibility. As soon as you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one.


The WA 8 not only achieves perfect cutting results in wood and wood-based products but also in a large range of other materials. Whether it’s cutting to size large panels made of polyethylene or plexiglas or crosscutting very thick plastics, the WA 8 is efficient and precise.

Non-ferrous metals such as aluminium extrusions are also cut cleanly and accurately by the WA 8. This is of course, in addition to typical applications such as sizing panels, squaring and mitre cuts, and the straight line edging and rip cutting of solid wood, all of which are carried out economically and efficiently with the WA 8.

Altendorf WA8-TE Start Series - 3200 (10 ft stroke)

Altendorf WA8-TE Start Series - 3200 (10 ft stroke)

7.5 HP Main Motor Scoring Motorized Blade Controls Manual Rip with Fine Adjustment Crosscut Miter Fence   Ergonomic controls: With the Altendorf WA 8 TE the height and angle of...

Regular price $21,400.00

Altendorf WA8-X Maker Series - 3200 (10 ft stroke)

Altendorf WA8-X Maker Series - 3200 (10 ft stroke)

7.5 HP Main Motor RAPIDO Shimless Scoring Motorized Blade Controls CNC Rip Fence Overhead Control Crosscut Miter Fence

Regular price $26,490.00