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                                 METAL MACHINERY  

JET 14" Metal/Wood Bandsaw 1HP 1Ph 115/230V

$1399    Stock #379251

JET 7"X10-1/2" Mitering Bandsaw

1HP 1Ph 115/230V   $2099   Stock #379262



JET 20" Vertical Bandsaw 2HP 3PH 230/450V 

Call for Price   Stock #37860sd



JET 6"X5" Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw 

1/3HP 1PH 115/230V   $579kmlkmlk



JET 7"X12" Industrial Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw

3/4HP 1PH 115/230V   $1349    Stock #37921lkmklmk



JET 30" 3 in 1 Sheer, Brake and Roll

$849   Stock #37931i90jio



JET 5 Ton Hydraulic Press 

$1049    Stock #37932domskla



JET Milling/Drilling Machine R-8 Taper 

2HP 1PH 115/230V  $2299   Stock #37930and,mas,.d